The Cloisters museum in NYC. The name makes me giggle!

So I am not a huge museum fan, but I had heard that the grounds of the Cloisters museum and gardens (a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in northern Manhattan) were very nice. So I talked a friend into coming with me. I felt terrible because he had stayed out late the night before and the walk up to the actual grounds was pretty steep. But he was a trooper. And okay, maybe I was the one that complained about it being SO FAR! And how no one mentioned on the reviews that we were going to have to climb a MOUNTAIN!* Nevertheless, we walked up to the top and could not figure out how to get in. This was a problem since I was adamant about getting pictures!

We got to the entrance and learned that to see the gardens we had to go inside the museum! No one said that on TripAdvisor! (Note to self, warn other gullible tourists). So I did what I do best, and I played dumb and cute…

“So you are telling me sir that we have to pay? To get in? *Insert puppy eyes. Go for the Oscar and look like I am about to cry*

“Well..” he said, “you can also get in by making a donation.”

“Really?” I said, “how much are we talking about?” *Itanni switches to business mode*

“It’s up to you,” he said.

Excellent! So off we went to donate. But when we got to the cash, the cashier said that the entrance fee was $28! Each! My friend and I exchanged looks that said, “HELL NO!” So we began to rummage through our wallets….taking our time…what to do??? I guess we looked pretty pathetic because the cashier said, “just give me a dollar each” with a huge sigh.

“Thank you!” My friend and I said at the same time. Then off we went. We spent a total of 30 minutes in the museum. I really do not care for them. But getting in was fun!

*Note, it really was not a mountain. I am just lazy.


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