Breakfast at Sunshine Spot. My search continues for the best diner

***I have lost the photos to this post. I apologize. Here is the review nonetheless.

Regina and I decided to move our search for the best diner north. The criteria are that it must be north of York Mills. Regina took the reigns on the this one and chose Sunshine Spot as our first foray into the north. Sunshine Spot is located in North York and it has a massive menu available online to review.

The restaurant was empty when we arrived at 10:30am. When we sat down we were offered coffee and it was periodically refilled. Most of the time I like long menus because I like options. But in this case I had a hard time deciding what to get because there were too many options. Also, I wanted a breakfast that combined sweet and savory. I mentioned to the waitress that I could not find a combo that came with 3 eggs, bacon, potatoes and pancakes. She then suggested that I get the “Canadian Pancakes” which came with 3 eggs, peameal bacon and 2 pancakes, but rather than 2 pancakes she gave me one pancake and hash brows. It was exactly what I wanted. The waitress was incredibly accommodating, so that was a huge plus.

I have recently begun to notice a pattern to my orders.  Specifically, when at a diner I order eggs, peameal bacon and hash browns and when in a “fancier” place, I order an eggs Benedict. Odd.

Regina ordered an omelet, and after reviewing our past orders I noticed that Regina also orders the same thing when we go to a diner. She always gets an omelet at diners and more often that not, an eggs Benedict at the fancier places. I wonder what it all means. Are we breakfast snobs? In our defense, not all diners offer egg Benedicts.

There were pages and pages of menu options. I liked the pictures. It is nice to see what you are going to be getting.

My breakfast: The eggs still needed another minute. The clear jelly-like material around the yolk should be cooked through before serving.  Other than that, the breakfast was good. Simple, but it did the job for $8.99. For what we got, I think the price was a bit high. I remember the days when breakfast at a diner never exceeded $5. Are those days really gone?

Regina got the Western Omelet and it consisted of ham, onion, green onion , green and red peppers for $8.49.

We had a good time at Sunshine Spot.  The service was great and the food was okay, but we will likely not make the trek here again.

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