Breakfast for Dinner. Why the hell not?

I am not sure why I thought that blog posts had to be lengthy. It is not like I did not mean to write the content I have so far written, but I would not consider writing a post unless I had plenty to say about the topic. And then it occurred to me. This blog is about my life. It is my personal diary. So why am I giving myself all these rules and guidelines?

Several nights ago I was lying in bed after work and I was battling myself. I was arguing with myself about whether or not I should make pancakes for dinner. What I was craving for just seemed so…need I say it? Unhealthy. I did not just want plain ol’ pancakes. I wanted them with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and lots of butter on top.

Should I, shouldn’t I?…..

You know what? Life is too short. Really, for too many years, or rather, most of my life I have abided by rules and social norms that looking back I have regretted. I missed out on events such as birthday parties, hanging with friends (or making any), being a silly teenager, getting into trouble, falling on my face (literally and figuratively), and just living. Instead I spent over 15 years of my life sitting at a desk. You know what happens when you live like this? You likely will end up having these experiences at some point in the future, except you look like a bigger idiot “being silly” and “getting into trouble” in your mid and late 20’s.

So here you go, this is what I had for dinner. I made sure to throw in plenty of chocolate chips and peanut butter chips into the batter. Oh yeah, it was worth it!



5 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner. Why the hell not?

  1. A meal that’s good enough to get me out of bed on a bleak Monday morning and out to face the world is if anything overqualified for dinner. Breakfast is going us the favour when it shows up for dinner. Our duty is just to eat and be happy.

  2. Brinner as I like to call it is amazing!!! Especially when it is a cooked Brinner, rather than just cereal or something.

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