A Moment of Ice Cream Heaven. Ahhhh

I like ice cream and every once in a while I have ice cream that I love! These “love” moments are rare. For about a year now I have walked past a door window that has an image of ice cream with bubbles on it. Just the image alone fascinated me. Last week I dragged Racheal with me to check it out and wow! Note that I was annoyed that they served it in a yellow container because for the sake of pictures, it prevented the ice cream from really “popping” (the ice cream was also yellow/orange).


I ordered mango ice cream with juice bubbles. When you bit into a bubble, juice exploded in your mouth. Each color contained a different flavored juice. The white one’s were my favorite. I was literally scraping the bottom of the container when I finished. My plan is to try every flavor. Strawberry is next. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Moment of Ice Cream Heaven. Ahhhh

  1. Sounds delicious, shame they put it in a container that didn’t allow it to translate well into photos. Someone ought to put something in their suggestion box. They need to let the ice-cream shine.

    • I agree! My friends get annoyed with me because I think it is important to choose the right vessel for your dish. 😉 But damn did it taste good anyway. 🙂

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