What To Do With Leftover Cornmeal

I am sick of cornbread and corn casseroles. *Shock* You would say the same if you ate your baked creations by yourself; for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for several days. So what to do with the cornmeal? After reviewing several recipes it only made sense that I use the leftover cornmeal to make pancakes. I love pancakes.

2nd dilemma: caramelized or not caramelized bananas? I was feeling lazy so raw won.

Ate the cornmeal pancakes with sliced raw bananas, honey and raspberry compote.



7 thoughts on “What To Do With Leftover Cornmeal

  1. See now that’s how you plate up a dish. That ice-cream joint probably would have put this in a yellow dish too. The way the compote is sashaying its way down the pancakes screams eat me.

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