Back To My Roots. This is My Favorite Latino Breakfast


Went out with my aunt and cousin for breakfast last Sunday to a Hispanic restaurant and I ordered the one breakfast that reminds me of home. It consisted of sweet fried plantain, beans, sour cream, 3 eggs (I prefer them sunny), chicken tamal and a tortilla (not shown). But really, did they have to put it on a red plate? Arghh! I really need to have a serious talk with all these restaurants that continue to use the wrong color plates/bowls/cups, etc.

In Spanish, I ordered plátanos maduro frito, crema, frijoles, 3 huevos al espejo, tamal de pollo y una tortilla.

Well, putting aside the plate issue, it tasted delicious.


15 thoughts on “Back To My Roots. This is My Favorite Latino Breakfast

  1. I wish I’d tried harder with Spanish while I was at university. It’s a really beautiful language, and probably more pleasing to the ear than French for me. Love what you guys do with js, lls and ñs. There’s a rhythm to it that probably explains why latin dancing is so amazing.

    Meanwhile this food looks delicious and I’m again in regret for how lean the latin food offerings are around my way.

    • Ok, can’t Latin dance. I know I am disgrace to my culture. :/ So what is that you eat in NZ? No waffles and no latino food? Please tell me that you at least eat a lot of fish. Mmm love fish!

      • Cooking your ass off > Dancing your ass off. You’re doing a lot better than just fine. Waffles and Latin food are around, but not as plentiful as I’d like. It’s so easy to find Japanese or Thai, I’d like for Latin food to be that abundant as well. I’m just greedy. But yes, we do have a lot of seafood!

      • Oh I can certainly dance my way around food. 🙂 There are actually not that many Hipanic restaurants in Toronto. Odd since we are so multicultural. Oh I am such a sucker for seafood. I love calamari. Had the best calamari in Greece.

  2. I was introduced to sweet fried plantains three years ago when I was volunteering at Panama. Sweet baby of Jesus was that a revelation! Couldn’t believe I had survived without that in my life for 20 years!

    • Hahaha it is so good! I can eat if boiled, fried, baked….so delicious. Did you ever try tostones? It is the green version made into chips. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • Are tostones the same as plantain chips? I’ve tried them, and I remember liking them too, but it’s just that sweet ooomff from sweet plantains that make me crazy! I’ve tried some recipes online to recreate the plantains I’ve had in C. America, but none of them is quite right… Any suggestions?

      • Yeah, tostones are very much like plantain chips, just thicker. With fried plantains you have to make sure that the plantain is very ripe, then cut it in thin slices and make sure the oil is hot but at around medium not high. You do not want to burn them. You just want a golden color. Have paper towels ready on a plate so when you remove them from the oil the paper towel can absorb some of the oil. Pat the plantain with the paper towel to remove excess oil and they are ready to be served. I would eat them with cheese or sour cream and black beans. Keep it simple. 🙂

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