You Piping Bag! Why Can’t You Be My Friend?

So, I love to bake. I like experimenting with ingredients, tools and methods. The problem is, my final product is not pretty. Yes, I believe it tastes good, but it looks…meh. Generally such a lack of skill would push me to study and work hard at learning how to beautify my desserts, but there is only so much frosting I can make. It’s expensive to make it from scratch. And yes, I tried the already made kind but it is not strong enough to pipe with. It all ends up looking like a blob on the cupcake.

But I don’t give up.

Here is attempt # 1 (frosting not thick enough):

885160_423044367787773_352382778_o 886587_423057737786436_85709637_o 881954_423057934453083_1080954981_o

Here is attempt #2 (thick enough frosting, I just need to stop shaking when piping. Yes, performance anxiety.)

IMG_4916 IMG_4943 IMG_4928

I was quite proud of these last 3 cupcakes. I have been working hard at finding the right recipe for peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. It took me many attempts to come up with these 3 recipes (many which ended up in the bin, or in my colleagues tummies). My goal was for my cupcakes to taste like the flavor they were supposed to taste like and be moist and fluffy in the inside (well, that is MY idea of the ideal cupcake).

Peanut Butter (I threw in a couple of chocolate chips in the batter. Why not?)

IMG_4940 IMG_4989 IMG_4992


IMG_4943 IMG_4952 IMG_4954 IMG_493fd0


IMG_4928 IMG_4935 IMG_4995 IMG_4998

Looking forward to attemptΒ  #3 πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “You Piping Bag! Why Can’t You Be My Friend?

  1. I’ve always have trouble decorating cakes. The cupcakes here look so moist and tempting! You have a beautiful blog and FB page. So many yummies πŸ™‚

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