Blogging on vacation. Who does it?

I was on vacation for 2 weeks, and needless to say, during that time I forgot I had a blog. I followed up with my food page on Facebook, but that was because it was easy. I only had to post pictures. But wait! Do I consider blogging work? I have been pondering this possibility. Have you noticed that when something becomes work or feels like work, the activity loses its lustre? Well, there is a reason I do not seek to make money off my hobbies. Wait, that is a lie. I did start baking for money, but I chose to sell my baked goods because the ingredients were expensive and I do not actually have a sweet tooth, so my cakes etc. were being pawned off to friends and work colleagues.

Excuses, excuses….

Argh, that is another problem I have. I always need to justify my decisions and actions. I have to learn to just be! Okay, so before this turns into a therapy post….

So what to blog about next? I have so much to share with you, but today I just want to focus on work and cleaning my apartment. My hobby can wait until I can sit back and indulge. Yep, that is when I love to blog. When I can sit back and take my time to tell you a story. And boy, do I have stories for you! 903867_10101730386768122_819284006_o


9 thoughts on “Blogging on vacation. Who does it?

  1. I’m saying though, I thought my WordPress feeder was broken beyond repair (I mean, it is broken, but I bet it’s fixable) because it wouldn’t feed me any new posts from you. Glad to see that’s not the problem, and now that you’re back from holiday you can deal to the far more important business of posting for my pleasure.

    • HAHAHA I read this while walking home and I started laughing while waiting for the light. I got many weird stares. Well, I shall get to work. I can’t let my groupies down. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am off to creep your page. Let’s see what deliciousness you have conjured up.

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