Had To Have A Red Velvet Hotcake For My Bday

I visited Chicago last year in August and while there I went to a restaurant called the Bongo Room. This restaurant was recommended to me because they are known for their breakfasts, and I LOVE breakfast!  When I arrived at the restaurant at 8:30am it was already full. Instead of waiting for a table I went and sat at the bar and ordered a coffee. I perused the menu and decided to get a regular breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. Yet, as I gave my order I could not help but feel drawn to the red velvet hotcakes on their menu. Specifically, they were described as red velvet hotcakes with vanilla crème and toasted walnuts. I had to have them! The waitress noticed my distress over the amount of food I was ordering that she made a point of telling me that I could order a single hotcake if I wished. “You can do that?” “Of course” she said, “they are pretty big and filling.” Sold! “Give me one hotcake please!”

When received my breakfast I did wonder how in the hell I was going to finish it all. It was a lot of food! But it all looked so good! As I ate the hotcake a thought crossed my mind, in addition to “oh wow, this is delicious!” What crossed my mind was how a great of a cake these hotcakes would make stacked up, and how I would love to eat this on my birthday next year. It was an odd thought to have, but there it was. Would you believe that I had planned to attend the Taste of Chicago after breakfast at the Bongo Room? Yep, very good planning on my part. Sigh. I was so full!

Fast forward to May 2013. A few days before my birthday I got an a bus (somehow I found a $35 return Greyhound ticket to Chicago! Sure it was an 11 hour bus ride, but I slept through most of it). When I got to Chicago the plan was to explore, eat, and make my way to the Bongo Room on the morning of my birthday. I did say I wanted the red velvet hotcakes for my birthday after all. 🙂

So this time around I ordered one red velvet hotcake with vanilla crème and toasted walnuts and one white chocolate and caramel pretzel hotcake for $5 each. I was going to order more but the waitress talked me out of it. Good thing she did; these hotcakes were massive! I have no idea how they make their crème, but if I could I would buy it in buckets and happily gain the weight as a result. Naturally I could not finish my breakfast because I always order too much, but the waitress was kind enough to put it in a to-go container and throw in some extra crème for later. 😉 Oh happy birthday to me!

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5 thoughts on “Had To Have A Red Velvet Hotcake For My Bday

      • I’m struggling to keep up too. Running low, the weather here is sapping up my energy! still trying to get used to the humidity. hope to see your new post soon. loved the red hotcakes and the grilled chicken lunch you posted on fb 🙂

      • Hey Sam! How are you feeling? Just wanted to check in. 🙂 Oh and thank you! I am in love with those red velvet hot cakes! If only I knew how to make that creme!

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