When In A Weird Mood, BAKE!

Lately I have been in a weird mood. I can’t figure out why I feel the way I do. I am not angry, or sad, or particularly happy, I am just meh. I am lucky to have my best-friends who accept me as I am–tantrums and all. In fact, when I need to feel at ease or I need to feel centered, I call up my best-friends and they always seem to know how to make me feel better. Yet, I know my friends can’t be with me all times when I am feeling meh, so when they are not available I turn to the next thing that makes me feel at ease, and that is baking.

Several weeks ago I learned that my Pilates instructor’s birthday was the previous day and I missed the opportunity to wish him a happy birthday. I wanted to do something for him, and making him a cake seemed to be the obvious thing to do. However, someone else from my Pilates class wanted to get him a cake, so I had to come up with something else. I thought about cupcakes…nah, I make those all the time. What haven’t I made???? I Googled ideas and found a cool recipe that I tweaked a little. Let me tell you, this was a process!

I had to make a red velvet cake first and then take it apart and crumble it up. Then I added cream cheese to the crumbs and mixed the 2 together to make it pliable. Then I blended Oreo cookies and also added cream cheese to mold them into balls, and then placed the Oreo balls in the fridge for an hour. An hour later I combined the two balls and dipped each one in white chocolate.

This is how it went…

IMG_6843 IMG_6842 IMG_6814

IMG_6806 IMG_6840 IMG_6818 IMG_6817 IMG_6816 IMG_6836 IMG_6835 IMG_6855


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