Souvlaki Hut: Home Delivery JUST-EAT

I love Greek food, and this afternoon I was babysitting and decided to get food delivered from Souvlaki Hut. I went online to JUST-EAT and ordered 2 children meals and 1 adult meal.

The good

  • The prices were decent
  • I received a call from the restaurant asking me if I wanted Tzatziki for the children’s meals since the meals technically do not come with Tzatziki–news to me, but great
  • I asked for no onions, and there were no onions in the meals

The bad

  • Online it said that the meals come with honey pita sticks and we did not receive them
  • The salad had absolutely no feta. Not a single smidgen of it
  • All the meals were the exact same size! Yet, I paid $12 for the adult dinner and $9 for the kids dinner–we only got one salad so I am guessing I paid $3 for lettuce and 2 slices of tomatoes–with no feta!
  • Delivery took one hour and 15 minutes–and they are 3 blocks away (if I had not been babysitting I would have picked-up the food myself)!
  • When I asked about the missing items, they stated that it is JUST-EAT’s fault because they should have removed the honey sticks from the menu. In other words, did not care about service
  • The food was very salty

So what now?

  • I have two upset children because they did not get their dessert.
  • I have deleted my account with JUST-EAT because their customer service was horrendous (I told them about the missing items and they did not give a damn!)
  • Not gonna buy food from this place again. All the drama and hassle is not worth it. I should have just ordered pizza!

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