Brunch Buffet @ Olio (Etobicoke)

I visited Olio over the summer for a Yelp brunch event.  I am usually apprehensive about buffets, and I guess it is wrong to assume that the food will be sub-par because of the volume that needs to be created. However, I was blown away by the quality of the food and the number of options we had to choose from at Olio. The spread included pastries, salads, breakfast potatoes, fruits, eggs Benedict, roast, waffles–the real kind–exactly like the ones you get in Belgium (I was in Belgium over the summer), seafood, among other things. I was specially impressed by the eggs Benny–I couldn’t believe how perfectly cooked the eggs were.

Brunch is offered every Sunday from 11:30am-2:00pm. The price online says $17 for the buffet breakfast, but I don’t know if this is the price for the Sunday brunch as well.

Though this was a private event, I really hope that the quantity and quality of the food at the event is what they would serve on a regular Sunday.  It always worries me that restaurants will be on their “best behavior” when trying to impress a bunch of bloggers and reviewers, though I have a feeling that Olio offers great food on a regular basis. I have read many reviews (on Yelp), and people seem to really enjoy dining here. I wish this location was not so inconvenient for me (I live downtown), or I would have returned for brunch already. If ever in the area, I will definitely give their regular menu a shot.

**Note that this restaurant is located in the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel. My friend and I got lost trying to find it because I did not know that the restaurant was in the hotel, rather than on its own.

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