Brunch @ The Westerly (Roncesvalles Village)

The Westerly came highly recommended, and after having had Crème brûlée French toast in Boston, I was eager to have it again (The Westerly offers a Créme Brulee French Toast for brunch).

1st Visit

The restaurant was cute and cozy and the staff was attentive and professional.

On to the food….

Crème brûlée French Toast: For starters, the French toast did not have any elements that reminded me of a Crème brûlée but rather, it was more like a bread pudding. I had no problems with that because I love bread pudding. The Crème brûlée French toast I have had has consisted of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel on a piece of French toast.

Monte Cristo: The Monte Cristo consisted of bread layered with smoked ham and gruyere cheese, free run Egg dipped and pan-fried. For some reason, I was imagining it to be closer to a grilled cheese than French Toast, but when I grabbed a piece, it was so soft that texturally alone was a turn off. The sandwich looked beautiful when it was placed in front of me. It was this appetizing gold color, and I was eager to eat the sandwich that I imagined would have a crispy exterior. But I was very disappointed to learn that appearances are deceiving. I know, I should have known better than to fall for the exterior before closer examination. After a couple of bites of the sandwich, I left it and began eating off my friend’s plate. Lucky for me, she does not like whipped cream, so that is what I had for breakfast; whipped cream.

Coffee: My friends raved about the coffee here. And yeah, it was good. What I did not like was that online the price appears as $4.95 for a full pot, when in fact it is $5.95. Please update your website!

Cheddar biscuit with butter and jam: I am used to fluffy biscuits, specially after spending time in South Carolina. This biscuit was on the drier side and the jam was not the right fit for the biscuit. I ate one-half and left the rest.

Pan fried potatoes: they were swimming in onions so I did not eat any. Thank God that my friend loves onions and potatoes so she ate them all. I hate wasting food. The onion issue was on me, obviously. I failed to ask if their potatoes were cooked with onions.

Salad: I called it rabbit food. I did not taste any dressing, so it felt like I was chewing on grass. BUT, I am not a fan of plain salads, so again, this is my problem, not the restaurant’s.

I did take the sandwich to go, and planned to fry the sandwich for breakfast. I fried it this morning, and it tasted a bit better, but because of the egg wash on the bread, it did taste like I was eating overcooked eggs. That’s not what I had in mind for breakfast.

2nd Visit

The 2nd time around I brought 6 friends with me, and was really hoping to be converted to a lover of The Westerly. Unfortunately my 2nd trip here was a disaster in several ways.


Our waitress was rude and pretentious. To try to get her attention, we had to physically get up and ask for her, or chase her down. The sub-par service made the ambiance difficult to appreciate. On a good note, those with young children would really appreciate this restaurant as it seems to cater to young families on weekends.


I tried to apply the lessons I learned during my last meal here at this visit, and first requested an alternative to the potatoes. Our waitress told us that she could assure me that the potatoes I received would not have any onions in them. In fact! She stated that their potatoes never contained onions in the first place! Bullshit! I have eaten the potatoes that come with the brunch dishes before (1st visit), and they certainly had onions in them! But whatever! As long as you, a staff at this establishment, guarantee me no onions, then I am good.


  • Potatoes had onions
  • Told our waitress about the onions and she looked at me like I was being a complete princess.  I imagined her thinking the following:
    • “Onions?! How the hell could someone not like onions?! Suck it up and eat them!”—Mmm, if you could not omit the onions from the potatoes, you could have told me so, rather than lying!
  • Salad still tasted like rabbit food
  • Coffee was still too expensive and more so than my first visit
  • All my guests thought the food was okay, but would not return–no dish was worthy of trying again in the future
  • Argh, and why did the service have to suck and why did the waitress have to be so rude and unprofessional?


  • Gave it two shots, and not worth a 3rd.

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