An Afternoon In Edinburgh, Scotland (Part 1)

I am in love with Edinburgh. In fact, it was love at first sight. I was in London, England and had three days to kill before my flight back home to Toronto back in 2011. I was not liking my time in London, so I went to the train station and took the first train out to – well, at the time I had no idea. I just went to the ticket counter and booked a ticket for the next train, and it just so happened to be a train heading to Edinburgh. When I got on the train, I began to research the city and really, I had no idea what to expect. So I booked a hostel online while on the train, and napped until the train reached its destination. Once in Edinburgh, to get out of the train station, you have walk up a hill, so I walked up the hill, and the first thing I saw when exiting the station was a stunning castle. From that moment forward, I was in awe – the architecture, the history, the character, the friendly people, the mystical feel, the mystery,….the city stole my heart and it has yet to return it.

Here is a glimpse into what I fell in love with (part 1)….




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