Lunch @ Rose City Kitchen (Queen West)

I visited Rose City Kitchen over the summer for a Yelp event, and was excited to try one of their wraps since I love Mediterranean ingredients. The menu at Rose City Kitchen ranges from pita sandwiches, poutines, salads, fries, and falafel. Since I do not eat onions my options were quite limited. However, the staff tried to be accommodating and created a salad without onions that included ingredients that I liked – a combination of the Greek and Moroccan salad. I also ordered the pita with steak. Unfortunately the steak did not taste like steak, instead it tasted like ground beef, and I am not a fan of ground beef.

Overall, I liked that the ingredients were fresh, the menu was affordable with a good number of options, and they were flexible with my onion-hatred. I would definitely return to try something else from their menu – their poutine sounds delicious.

**Extra props for being gluten-friendly. I have a friend that has a hard time finding restaurants that will accommodate her gluten intolerance, but at Rose City Kitchen you have the option of choosing  a gluten-free pita.

Rose City Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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