Brunch @ La Société (Yorkville / Yonge & Bloor)

The plan was to visit La Société for their Summerlicious lunch, but because we booked lunch on a weekend, we did not realize until much later that they were only serving brunch on weekends, and not lunch. Regardless, my friends still wanted to check it out. I was a little apprehensive at first because brunch is my favorite type of meal and I have a list of brunches that I want to try out, and La Société was not on my list. But I still went anyway. When I arrived at the restaurant, it really did feel like a French bistro and it had a beautiful decor.

Once I found my friends I sat down and browsed through their menu and for some reason I was really craving a croissant. So I ordered a croissant with a side of cream cheese. My friends on the other hand ordered the French toast, quiche, eggs Benny and the ricotta pancakes. Each plate looked delicious and every single one of my friends was happy with their choice. Except for me. A croissant just seemed so plain and it was cold and not buttery enough for me. But as luck would have it, several of my friends could not finish their food so I got to eat their leftovers. Yeh!

I would have to say that favorite dish from all the dishes that my friends ordered  was the French toast. I could not get over how fresh the bread tasted.

Now, would I return? Probably not. As I mentioned before, I have a list of brunch establishments  that I want to try, and this brunch was not good enough for me to pay them a second visit. Plus, I did not find that there was value for money.

My friends will definitely disagree with my observation and are probably planning their return to this restaurant as I type this.

l (1)

French Toast Caramelized Bananas $12

l (2)

Blueberry and Ricotta Pancakes $14

l (3)

Croissant $3 and Cream Cheese $2.50


Eggs Benedict $13+ (smoked salmon extra)


Quiche Du Jour $14

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