Dinner @ Simon’s Wok

I had heard a lot of great things about Simon’s Wok. My friends have described it as a vegetarian restaurant with a chef that has the skills to make vegetarian ingredients taste like meat! How cool is that?! So I got a bunch of friends together, and made the trek over for dinner.

The Good

  • I was able to make a reservation for 12 people easily – though we were the only guests in the restaurant for 90% of our meal
  • The prices are very reasonable – most dishes under $10 – 6 of us shared about 6 dishes, three desserts and two drinks and the total was about $15 per person with tax and tip
  • Service was efficient
  • Food was tasty, if not a little on the salty side with all the soy sauce used
  • Conveniently located – streetcar stop right in front of the restaurant
  • Menu available online
  • Green tea was free and regularly refilled
  • Most drinks are $1 (pop, milk and juice)

The Not So Good

  • Every item that was supposed to taste like meat tasted like egg and tofu. But then again, IT WAS egg and tofu. I don’t know how people tasted anything else
  • You purchase the rice separately
  • Found the food to be on the salty side
  • No liquor license for those that like their liquor

Would I return?

No. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in my area that serve very similar dishes for similar prices. Why make the trek?

Simon's Wok on Urbanspoon


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