$4 bar snacks from 4-7 @ Nota Bene

I had read a blog post about the 4-7 Bar Snacks at Nota Bene (there is a $4 menu from 4-7pm and they go up to $7 from 7-close), and the dishes looked delicious! After reviewing the photos many times, I knew exactly what I wanted to try. I made a reservation for 2, and when I arrived for my reservation at 6pm, I was escorted upstairs to the dining room. I noticed that there was no one up in the dining room, and the bar area was packed, so I asked if the snacks were also available in the dining area, and was told no. Luckily there was sitting in the bar area and was seated there instead. My friend arrived a few minutes later and we began to order. The lowest priced drink items were the beers at $8, and the dishes I wanted to try were no longer on the menu. I was incredibly disappointed by this. Nevertheless, I found a couple of decent sounding dishes and ordered those. We ordered the beef sliders, the squid, the pork belly sliders and the air-dried Cumbrae Farms beef. When the dishes arrived, we got two sliders of each, two small portions of squid, and thin pieces of beef which tasted like prosciutto, so I only had one piece – after visiting a Prosciutto factory in Italy I ate so much of it there that it will be a while before I can eat cold cuts again.

My favorite dish were the beef sliders. The meat was juicy and wrapped in melted cheese, the bacon was crispy and salty, the bread was warm, evenly buttered and the fact that the bread was cheese bread, was a nice touch. The 2nd dish I liked was the squid because it was well cooked – not chewy or rubbery. The pork belly got lost in the pickles, ketchup and lettuce. Though the fries were delicious though unusual for a sandwich – unless you are in Greece!

Overall it was not a bad experience, but unless I am craving beef sliders, I doubt I will return. Though I have to point out that the service was excellent (e.g., I was flip-flopping on what beer to get, and they offered me a sample. They were more than happy to give us separate bills, and they answered all our questions with kindness and a great deal of knowledge).


CALAMARI “A LA PLANCHA” XO sauce + coriander


CUMBRAE FARMS BEEF SLIDERS cheese + maple bacon


CUMBRAE FARMS BEEF SLIDERS cheese + maple bacon


BELLY BUSTER SLIDER pork belly + frites + ketchup + pickle


BELLY BUSTER SLIDER pork belly + frites + ketchup + pickle


DRY-AGED BRESAOLA air-dried Cumbrae Farms beef


DRY-AGED BRESAOLA air-dried Cumbrae Farms beef


BELLY BUSTER SLIDER pork belly + frites + ketchup + pickle


**Looks like the menu has changed, yet again, and the salt cod fritters are back on the menu. I may just have to make another trek to Nota Bene to try the salt cod fritters I had wanted to try from the get-go!

Nota Bene Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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