Burger, Shakes & Fries @ Burger Priest (Adelaide & University)

So, I like to tell people that I love burgers, and I certainly eat plenty of them when I travel, but I am sure I blushed and flinched when asked what I thought of Burger Priest. Cause yeah, I had never been. Ick! Well, now I can finally cross this chain off my list! I dragged a bunch of my friends to Burger Priest several weeks ago, and believe it or not, but it was not hard to find 6 friends who had never been to Burger Priest either! Yeah, I wondered whether this knowledge warranted more introspection – were we the only weirdos that had never set foot in a Burger Priest joint in all of Toronto?? Sad.

Anywho, I had spent a great deal of time studying the menu at home, so I knew that I wanted to get The Priest because I was curious about both the regular beef patty, and The Option (their vegetarian option – a custom blend of cheesy goodness sandwiched between two roasted portabello mushrooms, breaded and deep-fried). And since I was starving, I decided to make it a combo with a coffee milkshake and fries. The total for this combo was approximately $21! Yep, $21! WTF?! But in all honesty, I had faith that this was going to be one of the best burgers, if not the best burger, that I have ever had. WRONG! I hated The Option! It was all cheese, which normally I would not have minded cause I LOVE cheese, but the problem however was that cheese had WAY too much garlic powder. All that I could taste was artificial garlic! So much so, that I could not even taste the meat! What a complete flop! The only saving grace were the fries and the shake. The fries were fried to perfection and plentiful, and the shake was thick and not lacking in coffee flavor – in a very good way. My friends were also not impressed, and the only person that was happy with their burger was the friend that got the special burger of the month which was a play on a Thanksgiving meal – fried chicken, gravy and corn.

Overall there was no value for money, small portions, and flavors were not balanced. Of course, we are not burger connoisseurs, but we all left wondering what the hell we missed! Why all the hype??

The Burger's Priest Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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