Perfect Coffee Break @ Cafe de Melbourne (Downtown Core)

I was running a little food tour this afternoon with friends, and on our way to the next stop I saw a coffee shop sign “Cafe de Melbourne” that intrigued me. I had not had my caffeine kick yet, so I asked my friends if they would not mind going in with me. As soon as we walked in, we were in awe.


Museum/library/living room/coffee shop = Cafe de Melbourne

And the love did not stop there! Then we were greeted by Cliff (owner), and we knew we had stumbled up a gem! The vibe was warm, friendly, relaxing, and fascinating. There was so much to see and if we had the time, we would have spent more time looking at the different books, magazines, art, memorabilia, etc. Several of my friends were asking Cliff questions (e.g. about the machines he was using to make the coffee), and Cliff was incredibly kind and enthusiastic while he explained and shared his knowledge and passion. It was hard not to be enamored.

Part of me does not want to tell you about this oasis because sitting is very limited, and the thought of not being able to return with a book and have the opportunity to sit in this cozy space for a little while saddens me. That said, I gotta give kudos to Cliff and his wife for sharing their passion and love with us. Can’t wait to return!

Oh, and yeah, the coffee was AMAZING!!

*Link to menu here


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