Europe I am Coming!


I promised to update you all on my adventures in Europe. I will begin with the first country I visited. But before I do so I would like to share with you how standing at the cash register at a Pearson Airport store only heightened my fear of flying.

Pearson Airport August 20th, 2011 at 10:40 pm.

As I sat in the waiting area by my departure gate I began to feel a cold coming on. My throat was hurting, I felt cold, and I was certain I was getting a fever too. So I decided to find a store and purchase some lozengers and maybe some flu medicine. I left my seat in the waiting area and walked to the nearest store. I picked up the items I needed and proceeded to stand in line. While in line I began to look around me and noticed a stand of magazines near the cash register. The magazine that was prominently displayed was a Maclean magazine and it had the following tile:

Cockpit crisis

In five years, over 50 commercial airplanes crashed in loss-of-control accidents. What’s going on?

Are you kidding me?


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