The Plane Ride..Hello Boys!

As I found my seat on the plane I noticed that 3 very appealing looking guys were sitting directly in front of me. What luck! I had eye candy to look at while I killed time on my 8 hour flight. I was confident that I would not be able to sleep since I find it difficult to sleep on seats. I turned to my neighbor (I had only one since I was sitting by the window) and told her how lucky she was to be able to sleep on the plane. My neighbor sat in her seat wearing pajamas, snuggled in a huge blanket that bordered on being a comforter, with her eye mask on her head like a headband. I was envious! What felt like only a few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I guess I had dozed off. Yes! So I turned to her and she asked if I wanted to eat. Eat? Now? I asked. We just got on the plane.  No she said, we got on the plane 4 hours ago. And yes you were sleeping for those 4 hours she said. I on the other hand she said, could not muster myself to fall asleep. Oops. I guess I can sleep on chairs after all.

*Side note: If you want to know about the food, let’s just say that I rather starve than eat that not very appealing meal. Even the wine tasted watery and rancid and I know very little about wine. So rather than eat I turned to look out the window.

After being shaken awake for the second time to be made aware that we were landing, I can confidently say that I can in fact sleep while seated. This is good since I plan to be sitting on my lovely behind for months to come on buses and trains.

……London, England next….


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