Breakfast at 3 Coins Open Kitchen

I am always on the lookout for the best greasy spoon in the city. People know this, so restaurants are often recommended to me.  Lately I have been trying to be more accommodating to my friend Regina who lives in the north end, and so I told her of a diner called 3 Coins Open Kitchen that a colleague recommended in Richmond Hill. So on a weekday morning we made our way to 3 Coins Open Kitchen for breakfast.



The exterior and interior reminded me of a 50’s diner. Or what I imagine a 50’s diner to look like. There were only two people in the diner when we arrived. It seemed that on weekdays it catered to a lot of seniors. But I can certainly picture this restaurant filled with families on weekends.


Specials were posted on the wall throughout the restaurant.


This particular special grabbed Regina’s attention. She is a fan of omelets.





I kept it simple. I ordered 3 eggs sunny side up, home fries and peameal bacon. The eggs and home fries were good. I am particularly a fan of seasoned home fries, and these were. One peameal bacon piece however tasted off.  It tasted as though it was going bad.  A bad tasting piece of bacon is enough to turn me off my meal. Too bad.



Regina ordered their breakfast special, which was a spinach and feta cheese omelet. The omelets that I am used to eating have the main ingredients in the middle that you can’t tell from the outside what kind of omelet it is. In this case however, you can clearly see that spinach was a main ingredient.

Overall we found our meal to be fine. Nothing special. Would we make the trek again? No. With so many restaurants waiting to be discovered, I am not settling for average.

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