Cookies Drive Me Nuts!

The bane of my existence are chocolate chip cookies. Cookies??!!! Yes, cookies! I hate to bake them because the few times that I have, they came out looking either too fat or too skinny. Who knew that I was a chocolate chip cookie snob? But the fact remains, I have an image of how I want my cookies to look like, and 2 weeks ago I think I got close. Close, but not quite there yet….

White Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Cookies


Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies




5 thoughts on “Cookies Drive Me Nuts!

  1. I think if something going wrong drives you nuts, we need an analogy for things going well that we call drives you cookie. So, say for example, ice cream drives me cookie.

    Hm… let me work on it a little more and get back to you. Those strawberry and white chocolate ones look great.

  2. I enjoy my cookies soft and chewy, yet I haven’t had much success with the recipes that I’ve tried =(……SOOOOO for now I’m going to focus on cakes and cupcakes.

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