When In Miami…Oh You Delicious Sweet Cheese Rolls

It seems like this summer Miami has become my second home. I was there in April and again in June. The number one thing that brings me back to Miami is the food. The food???? You say. I know I know, I should be saying the beach, or the sun, or the clubs….but no, the food.

When in Miami I always stay at The Freehand, a hostel in Miami Beach. One huge plus of staying at this hostel is their breakfast buffet. Every morning I would get up at 8am (when breakfast begins) and go directly to my pasteles de queso (cheese pastry). I would take about 6 or 8 pasteles, a cup of coffee, a glass of juice and sit by the pool dipping my pasteles in my coffee in pure bliss. Yeah, I dip pasteles and cookies in my coffee/milk/hot chocolate, though I try to avoid eating this way in public. 🙂

Then reality hit. I can’t buy these pastries in Toronto. I have searched and searched, but not a single pastry shop here sells them. Arghhh. So last night I made my way to the 24 hour grocery store (and I am sick with the flu!) and picked up eggs, puff pastry and cream cheese. What I created semi-remind me of the sweet cheese rolls I had in Cuba. Although not the same thing, they tasted good! They were buttery, sweet and flaky. The creamy cheese center was the icing on the cake…per se.

Today I am going to try making them with the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. I will post the result later.




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