Garlic & Cheese Buns. Want Butter On Them? Oh Yes Please!

Hello there!

So, it was a lazy Sunday morning and I managed to roll out of bed at 11am. First thought? Brunch time! What do I have in the fridge? Milk, butter, cheese….WAIT! I have been wanting to make cheese buns for so long! And I finally have all the ingredients I need. *Insert happy dance*

I have been eying this recipe for a while, but instead of using sausage, I used garlic butter in the batter and plain butter once baked. Also, mine did not really look like biscuits since they were on the dense side. Regardless, they tasted yummy! I made these into sandwiches, ate them alone with butter, dipped them in my coffee, made grilled cheese with them (yes, I love cheese), and used them to dip into my sunny-side-up eggs. Oh the possibilities are endless!

IMG_7563 IMG_7544 IMG_7565 IMG_7536 IMG_7538


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