The Greenwich Village Food Tour, NYC

Last summer while in NYC I went on several tours that were run by Free Tours By Foot. The tours that I was specially excited about were the food tours. Shocker! 😉 I have shared with you my experience of the Chinatown Food Tour and the Lower East Side Food Tour. Now let me tell you about the Greenwich Food Tour. You will notice that for this post I am using a different format to display the pictures. The reason being that this tour was not all about the food, instead a portion of the tour was spent exploring Greenwich Village. Personally I enjoy the 2 for 1 experience of having a walking tour and a food tour. That said, I know that many people disagree. I get it, if you signed up for a food your you want it to be about food. Sadly you will find that every tour guide is different, and you may get one that deviates from the focus of the tour. In this case, food.

*Note, we also stopped at Faiccos Rice Balls and Bleeker Street Pizza, but I was too full to eat anything else.

**Click on the thumbnail/image for more details.

***You may also be interested in how I travel on a budget. Here is the breakdown for my NYC trip.

Faiccos Rice Balls
Faiccos Rice Balls
  • Faiccos Rice Balls
  • Bleeker St Pizza



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