BISTRO 896, Delicious & Amazing Value!

I first went to Bistro 896 with my friend Jennifer and 7 others. I was intrigued by how much of a good deal the dinner was going to be. We went on a Tuesday evening, and for 4 courses the cost was $15! Below you can find the cost for dinner depending on the day you visit.  I was so impressed with my first visit, that I returned 2 weeks later with 12 members of my food Meetup group.

Prix Fixe Dinner
Early Bird Tues – Wed  5pm to 9pm  $15.00
Early Bird Thur – Sat 5pm to 6:30 $ 15.00
Thur –  Saturday After 7pm $25.00
Tuesday to Thursday a Burger (with a side of fries) and a Beer is $10
Is this place too good to be true? I was certainly ready to find out! On my first visit we arrived for dinner at 7pm and we noticed that the menu differed slightly from the one online. For example, online you get the option of a sausage roll as an appetizer, but this evening it was replaced with a brussels sprouts salad (though Jennifer, our host, was allowed to get the sausage roll since she had her heart set on it).  Another difference was the soup. On my 2nd visit the soup was a cream of asparagus soup, not a leek and potato soup. Other than that, everything else was the same.
Leek and potato soup
Asparagus soup
With all of us combined, we pretty much tried everything on the menu. On my first visit I ordered the brussels sprouts salad and the fact that the brussel sprouts were grilled brought it to a different dimension. The flavors of the salad were very well balanced and we all agreed that it was delicious. Jennifer had the sausage roll and it was also delicious. I particularly enjoyed the flaky and buttery crust. The mixed green salad however looked boring, and non-appetizing compared to the other appetizers.
For my main on my first visit I ordered the Fettuccine Putanesca with Calamari & Shrimp and I was impressed with how the pasta was cooked (it was cooked al dente), and it had large pieces of shrimp and calamari throughout. On my second visit I ordered the Tourtiere with Pickled Beet & Feta Salad and I loved it. The pie was flaky and buttery, and the meat was well seasoned. I can’t quite put my finger on the seasoning that went into the meat, but I tasted a hint of cinnamon.  Or something like it. I have never tasted anything like it, and it worked! I am also a huge fan of beets and feta, so I was pleased with the side beet salad. I also tried the  Red wine slow braised Short Ribs with Mash and most of us agreed that the meat needed to cook longer as it still tasted chewy, and lacked the tenderness you would expect from braised meat. We also found the mashed potatoes to be lacking in seasoning and on the watery side.  One of my guests wanted to try the burger, and I was impressed by the size of it. The only downfall was that the fries were a little hard; they needed a bit more time in the fryer.
For dessert I had to get the bread pudding. I love bread pudding and I was not disappointed. I specially liked that it was not overly sweet and the tartness of the berries were a great contrast to the creaminess of the whipped cream. I heard that the brownie was also great, specially because it was served warm. I am  not a huge chocolate fan so I did not try it.
I had a great experience at Bistro 896 at both my visits. The food was not only delicious, but it was amazing value, good portions, and the service was phenomenal. I highly recommend that you pay them a visit.
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