3-Course Dinner @ Rock Lobster (Summerlicious 2014) – Ossington Strip

I had been curious about Rock Lobster for a very long time, but was very apprehensive about dining at one of their establishments because the reviews were all over the place–most being quite negative. So when I saw that they were participating in Summerlicious, I was shocked, and stoked because I would get to try the food for a good price. For $25 you got to choose one appetizer, one main and one dessert from several options. So I gave them a call and made a reservation for 12 people. They had two sitting times (6pm and 8pm), I went with 6pm. Here is what I ordered:

Lobster taco: Not good. The tortilla was cold and hard, and as a result, one could not appreciate, or taste for that matter, the lobster. Such a shame. Lobster is too delicate to pair with a tortilla, specially a cold and hard one at that! I wish I hard ordered the deviled eggs or beet salad. Those two appetizers looked delicious, and those who ordered them, liked them.

Lobster roll: I really liked the lobster roll. The bread was warm, buttery, and soft. A perfect pairing with the creamy pieces of lobster. The chips I could have done without. They tasted burnt and bitter, and some had too much salt on them (the chips were seasoned after they were plated perhaps?)

Dessert: I ordered the daily future which on that evening was a huge chocolate chip cookie sandwich. And damn, it was SWEET! Too sweet. I was only able to have 2 bites (inside the cookie there was another cookie–a Oreo cookie!). Talk about sugar overload. Though I probably would have finished it if I had a glass of milk. Maybe sell this cookie with a glass of milk? Now that is an idea! In terms of the other desserts, people were put off by the deconstructed feel of them and the taste was nothing to rave about.

The consensus was that if we had to rate our dinner out of 10, we would give it a 6/10. The dishes were a hit or miss, and although we loved some dishes, others completely missed the mark. I am really glad I got to experience dinner at Rock Lobster during Summerlicious because there is no way that I would pay the regular price for any of these items.

WAIT! Now that I think about it, $25 was not much of a deal since the dessert would have been $6, the lobster roll $14 and the lobster taco $5. Argh, I got gypped! Sigh.

IMG_6706 IMG_6707 IMG_6709 IMG_6711 IMG_6713 IMG_6714 IMG_6715 IMG_6717 IMG_6719 IMG_6722 IMG_6724 IMG_6726 IMG_6727 IMG_6730 IMG_6731 IMG_6734 IMG_6735 IMG_6738 IMG_6741 IMG_6742

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