Dinner @ Café Polonez (Roncesvalles Village)

I had heard great things about Café Polonez, and being a lover of pierogis and schnitzels, it was a no-brainer whether to make a reservation with them or not. I gave them a call before the Christmas holidays and requested a reservation for 16 people. I was shocked by how easy it was to make a reservation since reviewers often mention the huge wait-times and long lines.

I really enjoyed my meal; great portions, tender schnitzel, decent prices and great service. The one thing I did not really care for were the pierogis. I am not a huge fan of boiled pierogis, and if I do eat them boiled, I like to add salt and eat them with sour cream and feta. But what are the chances that a Polish restaurant will have feta? Not likely.

Looking at these pictures has me eager to pay them another visit. ASAP!

Tea $2


Polish Schnitzel (kotlet-schabowy) $14.75



Side: 4-pierogi $3.95


Goulash (gulasz wieprzowy) $14.25

IMG_0831 IMG_0832

Polonez Schnitzel (sznycel polonez z pieczarkami) $16.50 (pierogi extra)


Roast Beef (pieczen wolowa) $16.50


Side: Cabbage Roll $4


Roast Duck (half kaczka) $20.25


2 cabbage rolls, 6 pierogi, Polonez Schnitzel and salad bouquet $37 (this is only one plate of the 2)


Schnitzel Melt


Crepe with vanilla ice cream


Café Polonez on Urbanspoon

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