Incredible Brunch @ Under the Table Restaurant (Cabbagetown)

I visited Under the Table Restaurant for dinner and loved the food and experience (click here for the review). There was something so special about my dining experience that I immediately made a reservation for a Saturday morning so that my guests and I could try their brunch offerings. I was feeling brave when I contacted Kim (one of the owners) that I felt okay to ask if they could make chicken and waffles for us (chicken and waffles is not on their menu). I am a huge fan of chicken and waffles, but I have had a hard time finding a worthy one in the city (I generally get my fill when I visit NYC as I normally stay in the Harlem area and they know how to make great chicken and waffles—though someone from South Carolina once told me that in the South they don’t even know what the hell a waffle maker is!) Nevertheless….

We arrived at Under the Table for our 11am reservation and Kim had already sectioned off an area for us. There were 17 of us and we took up 85% of the restaurant (yes, we did have a reservation for this amount of people). The fact that they were willing to accommodate us was amazing.

I did have a moment of panic when I sat down and realized that I did not check-in with the restaurant about whether everything was still a go. I had been selling this whole, “you are going to get the best chicken and waffles EVER” idea to my guests that it suddenly dawned on me… “shit! What if they forgot about my request? What if they have no chicken? Or a fyer? Or oil? Or flour? Or…..” But my fears were quickly abated when Kim told me that they had chicken and waffles for us. Whew!

Honestly, I was only expecting fried chicken on a waffle. Simple fried chicken, on a waffle. Nothing more. But HOLY SHIT! My mind was BLOWN! The chef did not come up with just 1 type of chicken and waffles, or 2, but 3! She wanted us to have OPTIONS! Huh? Unfuckingbelieaveable! When you hear something like this you want to give them a pass. Like, “as long-as-my-chicken-is-not-raw-in-the-middle-I-will-love-it-because-you-are-too-damn-nice-to-not-love-what-you-made-me” kinda scenario. But NO! The 3 options were DELICIOUS! ALL 3! Ok, I apologize for the caps, but I feel like I need to make a point here. ALL THREE WERE FANTASTIC!

The 3 options were (I apologize, but I cannot remember the exact sauces/syrup—there were different sauces/syrups for each one):

  1. Fried chicken and waffles with bacon
  2. Fried chicken and waffles with berries
  3. Jerk chicken and waffles

And the waffles? Imagine a waffle and a funnel cake having a baby. Their child is what you got. Oh so good…..

I know some of you are probably thinking that I am just a nice reviewer and would say nice things about any meal I had. HELL NO! I am not easy to impress (read my reviews if you don’t believe me). But when I find an establishment worthy of praise, I give it. Under the Table is not only special for the way they try to make every patron feel at home and cared for. But also because their food is delicious, and unpretentious.

Below are pictures of our meal. Under the Table has a full brunch menu, and a few of my guests ordered items from the regular menu. I did not have a single complaint from my guests.

IMG_8181 IMG_8184 IMG_8185 IMG_8186IMG_8191IMG_8193IMG_8194IMG_8196IMG_8197IMG_8199IMG_8200

Thank you to the Under the Table team for giving me what I have been looking for; the chicken and waffles of my dreams. Sigh..

xo – Your loyal and grateful patron.

P.S. I have an idea for the name you should give the waffle baby…. “Itanni’s Chicken & Waffles”  Just a thought…. 🙂

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