Brunch @ Centre Street Deli (Thornhill)

The Centre Street Deli is quite far from where I live, but it is a convenient location for my friend Regina, so I meet her at Downsview station and she drives us over.

I have been to the Centre Street Deli twice now, and the first time I fell in love with their potatoes. I specially loved the seasoning. I also ordered a bagel with my breakfast and it was delicious. It was warm with melted butter.

I really wanted to return for more potatoes and bagels, and we finally made it back last month. Argh, and this is what I hate. I hate getting excited about eating something you loved in the past, and having it taste totally different. The 2nd time around the potatoes were not seasoned and they were still hard (i.e., under-cooked). So sad.


  • The bagel still tasted delicious
  • I liked that they used challah bread for their French toast
  • Both times we liked the service and the free coffee refills

Considering the trek we have to make to visit this establishment, I likely will stick to eating brunch closer to home.

**I did not have my good camera on me, so the pictures are not great. But you get the gist.

Centre Street Deli on Urbanspoon


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