Brunch @ Lou Dawgs (Gerrard East/Ryerson University)

I love Lou Dawg’s poutines! And you can’t go wrong with the prices either. Pretty much everything on their menu is under $10! So naturally, when I learned that they also serve brunch, I simply could not say no! I gave the Gerrard location a call, and in no time I was able to make a reservation for 12 people for a Saturday at 11am.

The restaurant was empty when we arrived for our 11am reservation, so I walked around taking photos.


  • Not the most comfortable seating, but it is a pub, so as pubs go, it is fine
  • The restaurant itself is quite dark, though in the summer months I always like to sit in the open patio in the back


  • There were plenty of options to choose from, and you could also choose from the regular menu, which is what a lot of people did–several people ordered wings and the poutine from the regular menu
  • As far as brunch goes, I found the food to be on the rich/heavy side; bland, and nothing special
  • The portions were good and all the dishes were under $15

In Sum

I would stick to the regular menu–every time I come here I get the Loutine (pulled pork poutine) and it always satisfies my pulled pork, coleslaw craving. I particularly like the added touches, such as the cranberries in the coleslaw. It’s also great that you can choose the size if you are not feeling particularly hungry–even the small is quite filling for under $7!

Lou Dawg's Southern Barbecue on Urbanspoon


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