Holiday Dinner 2014 @ Under the Table Restaurant

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It comes to no surprise that Under the Table was my favorite discovery of 2014. I dined here over 4 times in one year, and that in itself says a lot (I have a huge list of restaurants that I want to visit). So naturally, the first place I thought of when planning my holiday dinner was Under the Table! And I could not believe that they agreed to open for my friends and I on the one and only day that they are closed–and right before Christmas too!

On the evening of our dinner, I arrived early to get myself organized, and I could not believe what they did to the place! It felt like Christmas! Kim and the crew (as I like to call them), turned an already cozy space, into our very own little winter chalet, complete with all the fixings! Dim lights, candles burning, a faux fireplace crackling, and Mariah singing her heart out in the background (she really did have an awesome Christmas album!); all of which got us even more excited for what was to come–our Christmas feast!

My friends and I dined on the following:

  • Baby spinach salad with cranberries, goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts (I normally don’t care for salads, but DAMN Betty (chef), you killed it with this one!)
  • Sweet potato soup (not pictured–totally forgot to take a photo because I was too busy inhaling it!)
  • Rice & peas
  • Garlic mashed potatoes (if this was something I could have hidden in a napkin, and taken home, I would have! Me loves mashed potatoes—yummy!)
  • Coleslaw
  • Jerk chicken
  • Waffles
  • Fried chicken (I ate the batter–don’t get me wrong, the chicken was moist and delicious, but I LOVE crispy chicken skin)
  • Whip cream, fresh berries, and selection of sauces
  • Oxtail gravy
  • Rum cake — took home and ate for breakfast. Wow, I did not know the process that goes into making rum cake! I generally hate fruit cakes, but this cake is the exception to my rule of avoiding them at all costs!
  • Apple pie — took home and ate for breakfast Mmmm…
  • Pumpkin pie — pumpkin is not something I particularly enjoy, but this pie had enough spice to have me coming back for more.

Sadly, although we had an amazing amount of food to choose from; because this was an event that I organized, I did not get to eat as much as I wanted to. The thing is that if I am in charge of an event, my nerves and constant mingling keeps me from eating and relaxing. Hopefully overtime I will learn to relax and enjoy the food (I have only been running a food group for a year–so I am green at this). After all, the whole point of this group is to enjoy food!

Here are some of the comments my guests made regarding the food and overall experience….


“Just when l think things can’t get any better, you go and it do yourself again ltanni. Kim and Betty did an awesome job tonight. Food was amazing as was the company…”


“As I was getting ready to go to our event last night, I was excited knowing the restaurant had rave reviews from you but NOTHING could have prepared me for the SCRUMPTIOUS meals set before us. The food was amazing and mouth watering. I had never been a fan of waffles and never ever fried chicken with waffles, but it was incredible….like nothing I had ever tried! The service was also impeccable and what friendly people. I can’t wait to go back soon with our group and my family and friends!”


“OMG Itanni, that was so amazing last night. Now I know why this place always has you beaming, thank you for letting us in on your little secret!..”


“Awesome. I believe we had an almost perfect turnout and we enjoyed such an abundance of amazing quality food (i.e. waffles, fried chicken, jerk chicken, potatoes, rum cake for dessert) prepared and served so promptly by some of the most courteous and engaging people in the restaurant industry. Itanni is fast approaching legendary status for her supreme dedication and ability to commandeer restaurants to provide unforgettable Foodie Extravaganzas which are tailor-made for the Group. Am very much looking forward to my next one…”

For more reviews check out the event page here.

Thank you Under the Table for being a part of our culinary adventure, and for not only creating delicious food, but for creating a space that feels like home. I wish you nothing but the best in 2015! See you all soon!


♥ Itanni

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