Dinner @ Arepa Cafe (Alexandra Park/Queen West)

When I was in high school one of my best friends was Colombian, and when I slept over her mom would always make us arepas in the morning for breakfast. I was feeling nostalgic one evening, and to appease my arepa craving, I began researching establishments that sell them in Toronto. First place that popped up on Google was Arepa Café on Queen West, so I perused their menu, liked the many options they had, that I decided to make a group reservation here. The reservation process was straightforward and they were accommodating when I had to change the reservation number at the last-minute.

One of the biggest selling points for me is that Arepa Café doesn’t just sell arepas. They have a broad menu with options that range from over 15 arepa combinations for lunch and dinner, and many more for breakfast—all day breakfast! One of my friends can’t eat corn, so she opted for a platter, and a few other friends wanted to share several sides, rather than get an arepa. Kudos to Arepa Café for offering such a variety of options—there is something for everyone!

Though my initial plan was to be adventurous, I caved and got what I believe is their most popular arepa—the llanera. The llanera comes with beef tenderloin, avocado, fresco cheese, tomato for $10.75. My, how I loved that they are not stingy on the toppings! In fact, I needed a fork and knife to finish it off! Sadly I did not get to try their alfajores during this visit, so I have added it to my “must get next time” list.

Arepa Café not only has a wide menu, with affordable prices, but the portions are great and the food is delicious!

Check them out!

Arepa Cafe on Urbanspoon


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