Dim Sum @ Rosewood (Kensington Market/Chinatown)

Rosewood is my favorite dim sum restaurant in Toronto. In fact, I have been here on at least four occasions over the last 14 months, and even had a party with over 60 attendees on the 2nd floor.

These are some of the reasons why I love Rosewood:

  • Eric, the manager, is lovely and really tries to engage and please his guests–the other staff–not so much
  • Service is efficient
  • Food is fresh and delicious
  • There are a ton of dim sum options
  • You can dine for under $20
  • I love seating on the second floor where they have tables that twirl (what is it called?). I love being able to have easy access to all the dishes
  • I run a food group, and out of 40+ restaurants we visited last year, 30% voted Rosewood as their favorite dining experience

Rosewood is a restaurant that I hope to be coming to for a very long time. I love great food that I could eat family style with friends and family, and Rosewood is perfect for that.

Pay them a visit! You will not be disappointed. 

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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