Best Taste & Value: Salads @ Salad Days (Downtown Toronto – Yonge & Bloor)

I just love Salad Days! The staff is friendly, efficient and professional. And the food! For $5 I always order the small cobb salad and it always surprises with me how liberal they are with their ingredients. They always give you a generous amount of chicken, feta, avocado and in my case, sweet potato puree (I now ask for the sweet potato puree instead of the hard-boiled egg for no extra charge). One afternoon I decided to take the salad from the small take-out container and put it on a plate and it barely fit on a regular size plate! It was overflowing! Unfortunately the hours were crummy – only open until 3pm Monday to Friday.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Salad Days finally opened at the Hudson’s Bay Centre (20 Bloor – map location here). But what really had me jumping from joy were their hours. They are open from 10am-7pm Monday to Saturday! Don’t fret, the 2 Bloor location is still open. I hated never being able to get food from Salad Days because my office is too far away to get it for lunch, and they closed too early to get a salad after work. But now I can get my fix after I finish work or on a Saturday! Funny, but I bought a small cobb salad today from them even though I am not hungry. Since they were open, I just had to! Also, they take debit and credit cards! And the portions are still amazing!!

**HaPpY DaNcE**

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