Disappointing Brunch @ Beast (King West)

To-date this has been probably my least favorite brunch experience in Toronto. There were several reasons why I was eager to check out Beast’s brunch offerings, a couple being:

a) I love brunch

b) I love donuts

And Beast is known for having both, and for both being very good.

So I dragged my friends to King West on a Sunday morning, and I was adamant to get there first thing in the morning in order to get one of their “famous” donuts while fresh, and ideally, still warm. So we got there at 10am and were promptly seated. Immediately after our menus were handed to us, I asked about the donuts. My 2 friends and I decided to try the bacon donut, and the crueller for $2 for 5.

You cannot imagine my disappointment when it was placed in front of me. The donuts looked tough and slightly overcooked. But maybe they taste better than they look? Again, nope. They were stale, bland, and cold–nothing appealing about them. Mmm made that morning? I think not! Unless donuts taste stale several hours after being made. My friends even asked, “are you sure they are known for their donuts? Because these are horrible!” I was so embarrassed. $2.50 for these donuts was a complete rip off!

Nevertheless, we had made the trek, so we decided to order from the brunch menu.

This is what we ordered:

Peameal bacon Benedict: two poached eggs and hollandaise on an english muffin served with house potatoes or mixed greens for $15

The beastwich: buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken thigh, pimento cheese, pork sausage gravy and a fried egg served with house potatoes or mixed greens for $14

On this particular day there was an option of an omelet, so one friend got it. Can’t remember the price and can’t find it on their online menu.

So how was it?

What a complete flop! The chicken and potatoes were overcooked (pattern? chef loves extra-cooked food?), the omelet had so much garlic that it was inedible, my Benedict would have been okay if not for the nasty green onions – though most people love onions, so I am sure not many others would have had an issue with them, and the biscuit was dry when eaten alone (maybe it was meant to be eaten with the gravy? If so, always serve gravy with it!). To top it all off, the prices sucked for what you got. Then again, bigger portions would not have helped the situation.

Neither of us finished our food, and we almost laughed when they asked if we wanted to take it to go. I told our server that we were not happy with the overcooked food, and he told me,

Everyone loves our brunch!

OKAYYYYY…..Thanks for failing to address our concerns buddy!

 Needless to say, I have no plans of returning. 

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2 thoughts on “Disappointing Brunch @ Beast (King West)

    • Oh no! Truth is that a lot of people enjoy the food at Beast. I am just not a fan. It may be different for you. If you do end up going, I would love to hear about your experience!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Shari!

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