Zaza Expresso Bar – Don’t Get The Hype (Church & Wellesley)

I was eager to try Zaza Espresso Bar since it is located near where I live. I used to visit the restaurant that they took over for, for several years and loved their affordable coffee and breakfast. I walked to Zaza on a Sunday morning and looked at the limited desserts/baked goods in display. Immediately I became annoyed by the lack of prices in display. They had very few items and none had a price next to it (I hate asking for the price of an item because then I feel obligated to buy something). I looked at the menu on the wall, and it also did not outline the prices of the food, only the coffee and gelato.

I ordered a regular coffee and was asked if I wanted sugar in my coffee. I thought that was a bit odd, but said yes without realizing why I was being asked–I was distracted because another staff member was flirting with me calling me “Bella!” etc. and saying other annoying things that one can get away with in Italy (in Italy I find it charming), here it felt like they were trying to make a sale. While I waited for my coffee I checked out their gelato. I tried their pistachio ice cream and it tasted good. But I did not want to spend $5 on one scoop of ice cream when I had just spent under $3 for a huge scoop of pistachio gelato at Manic Coffee.

I paid for my coffee and asked where I could find the milk. They told me that they add the milk–there was no station where you could add your own milk and sugar. Argh! Needless to say, I had to go home and add milk and sugar to the coffee because when someone else does it, it never tastes right (except for Tim Hortons–I know that 2 milks and 2 sugars is how I like it)–but this is not Tim Hortons! Let me add my own milk and sugar darn it!

I am sad about losing my breakfast spot and having it replaced by a pretentious coffee shop with pushy staff. Good thing that there are quite a few Starbucks and Second Cups around to attend to my caffeine cravings.



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