Brunch @ Lola’s Kitchen (Church/Wellesley Village)

I have been coming to Lola’s for brunch for over 6 years – way back when it used to be called Lola’s Commissary and brunch reservations were allowed. Until recently, I had considered Lola’s my favorite brunch spot in the city.

On my last 3 visits my friends and I had the same waiter who ALWAYS messes up. He is a nice guy, don’t get me wrong, and even kinda cute, but 3 times!

1st time: I ordered the Mushroom Benny (my fave!) and I always ask for no onions and a side of goat cheese. Wanna guess what I got? Onions and no goat cheese and the English muffin was cold–they forgot to toast it (I know this part was not the waiters fault)

2nd time: He messed up my friend’s order and brought her some random dish and then I had to go on a hunt for him to let him know what had happened because he just dropped the dish in front of her and scurried off

3rd time: He forgot about us. He walked around us and gave coffee to ALL the people around us. He just kept walking past us. After 20 minutes I had to physically get up and fetch him so my friend and I could order and possibly get some of that coffee he was sharing with everyone but my friend and I.

These concerns are minor, but when they happen on a consistent basis, it really impacts your dining experience. That said, when the service is good, I can’t fault Lola’s because:

  • They are located near my move and near the Yonge and Bloor subway
  • They make delicious fries – thin, crispy and well-seasoned
  • Their Mushroom Benny owns my heart, and I am not even a vegetarian! (English muffin, caramelized onions, baby spinach, roasted mushrooms, poached organic eggs, house made hollandaise + choice of salad, frites, or Lola’s home fries $13)
  • You have the option of different sides: Frites $5 Home fries $5 Smoked Bacon $3 Chorizo Sausage $4 Peameal Bacon $4 Garlic Aioli $1 Lola’s Ketchup $1 Lola’s Hot Sauce $1 Hollandaise $2 Toast $2.5 Gluten Free Toast $3 Salad $3.5
  • Not a big fan of their coffee as I find it bitter, but the refills are free, and they will also refill the cream/milk and sugar for you as often as you need them to
  • They are very Vegan and Gluten-Free friendly
  • Most dishes are under $15, with only the brunch burger being $19

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