Pupusa Dinner @ Mi Pueblo (North York)

I have been coming to Mi Pueblo on and off for 10 years. I have had a very difficult time finding authentic Hispanic cuisine in Toronto, and from all the available Hispanic restaurants in the city, I think Mi Pueblo comes the closest – unfortunately for me, their location sucks (I live in downtown Toronto). Mi Pueblo is by no means a fancy restaurant with quick and efficient service. Instead, you need to come in expecting to wait as there is usually one person working in the kitchen and one working the front, and you can’t get angry because that person in the kitchen is a grandmother. The menu offers the staples: platano, arroz, beans, yuca, pescado frito, pupusas, sopas, carne asada, chicharron, etc. They also carry the popular drinks: pinolillo, orchata, etc.

I think every dish is under $20, with pupusas ranging from $2.50-$3 and they each come with a salad called curtido and tomato sauce. Another thing I like about this restaurant is that they have a small grocery store at the front and they carry products exported from Central America you would not be able to find in regular grocery stores.

Writing this post has me craving home cooking, and I also heard that the restaurant has been renovated, so another visit is due ASAP!

Mi Pueblo on Urbanspoon


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