Dinner @ Scaddabush (Yonge and Gerrard)

After my trip to Italy, I wanted to host an event with a masquerade theme and family style dining. Having visited Scaddabush for an event earlier this year, I was impressed by the service, food and ambiance, so I contacted the General Manager of the Yonge and Gerrard location, Mark Ghopros, and outlined what I had in mind in terms of the theme, cost, menu and group size. Mark and I set up a time to meet, and we discussed what I had in mind. Mark was able to meet every single one of my requests, and I left our meeting incredibly excited about the event.

Event Details

Number of guests: 40

Location: Private room on 2nd floor

Staff: 3 staff for group of 40


  • 2 types of pizza
  • 2 types of pasta
  • Pappardelle crisps
  • Mozzarella balls on crostini
  • Chicken Parmesan bites
  • Avocado and goat cheese bruschetta
  • Calamari fritti
  • Crispy Polenta Tots
  • Donut bites

How did it go?

The party was a huge success. My guests raved about the fantastic food, service and ambiance. The space was rustic and the perfect setting for our masquerade theme and family style dining goal. The food came out at perfect intervals and there was plenty of food for every guest, which can be difficult to achieve when you have sharing platters being passed around between guests. If there were guests who had not received an item – which only happened once; the staff was quick to rectify the situation.


I am partial to the polenta tots. Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside served with a perfectly spiced tomato sauce and cheese. It is the best thing I have had in years!

The pizzas were steaming hot and only fresh ingredients were used. I took some home and it tasted just as good for breakfast.

I couldn’t believe that what I thought was fried bread was pasta! Fried pappaedelle to be exact. These crispy pieces of heaven were sweet, salty and cheesy! Very addictive!

Avocado and goat cheese bruschetta is a must! They don’t skimp on avocado and goat cheese. This is a combination that works perfectly together and I wonder why you don’t see it on menus more often.

In Sum….

My guests were blown away by the food at Scaddabush, and since this event many of my guests have become regulars, including myself. I have returned to Scaddabush with colleagues for lunch (I work in the area), and for dinner with good friends.  I definitely plan to return, especially if I am planning a large event.

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