Pajama Party @ Dukes Refresher + Bar (Yonge & Gerrard)

I had visited Duke’s Refresher + Bar (Twitter: @DukesRefresher Instagram: @DukesRefresher  Facebook: for a Yelp event and really enjoyed the food and vibe. So when I was considering venues for a Pajama-themed event, Duke’s was at the top of my list. I contacted Duke’s and in my e-mail I told them about the theme I was going for, the budget I had in mind per person, and the kind of menu I was looking for. Not even 24 hours later I was contacted by their Event Specialist, Hannah Elizabeth Reynolds. Hannah was absolutely fantastic! She addressed all my questions, worked with me on a menu that worked with my budget and that included the dishes I just had to have for my party (e.g., bacon caramel donuts, chicken tacos, etc.). At the last-minute I considered changing a few menu items and even panicked when I thought there may not be enough food for my guests, but Hannah assured me that my guests would be taken care of and that we would not be short on food. She even contacted the restaurant several times to double-check things for my own peace of mind. I can honestly say that Hannah is probably one of the most hard-working, patient and diligent people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

PLUS! Duke’s donated a $25 gift card for a give away! At the end of the night guests voted for the person they felt wore the best PJs (check out the last picture!)


Number of guests: 30

Cost per person: $30


  • Chicken Tacos
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Nachos
  • Dip and Vegetables
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Club Sandwiches
  • Avocado & Brie Sandwiches
  • Bacon and Caramel Donuts

Venue: Upstairs private room

Staff: 2 staff for our group of 30

Drink Specials: Ciders were $5

The Outcome…

Massive success! The space was cozy, private and conducive to socializing. But what people really could not stop talking about was the food! It was delicious, plentiful, and fresh. These were the favorites:

Chicken tacos: We loved the juicy chicken with feta!

Chicken wings: We fought for the last wing! They were crispy, juicy and the sauce had just the right amount of heat. Also loved that they were a good size! No mini wings here!

Chicken club: thick pieces of white chicken meat, lots of crispy bacon, and perfectly toasted bread. What’s not to love?!

Chicken fingers: these were actually the favorite dish of the night. Thick pieces of perfectly breaded chicken with all white juicy meat.

Bacon Caramel Donuts: OMG! They were served steaming hot, and since most people were full by this point (they were served last), I made my guests try one, and then they couldn’t stop eating them. They are THAT addictive!

Thank you Hannah and the fabulous Duke’s team for making this event a success. My guests are still talking about it, and they are eager to return for round 2! Oh, and I hear you have a brunch menu! Can’t wait to try it!

See you soon….


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