ThRiLlEr! Charleston, South Carolina

This summer I traveled quite a bit. I went to Miami, NYC, Boston and Charleston, South Carolina. I was particularly excited about visiting Charleston because of their beaches, architecture, sun and more importantly their food!

The best tour of the bunch: Thriller Charleston 

While in Charleston I had many issues with their transit system. Being that I was on vacation and that I did not drive, I depended highly on their public transit. I figured, as long as I follow the schedule posted online, I should be able to get around Charleston okay. WRONG! I waited 1.5 hours for a bus that was supposed to arrive every 40 minutes. Needless to say, I arrived at the Thriller meeting point late. I was anxious, tired and pissed off when I finally reached my destination. I had given myself 2.5 hours to get here (I wanted to sight-see a little bit too), but instead I ran to the boat like a crazy person and still I was too late. I should be glad that at least someone follows a schedule. Right?

Anyway, when I arrived Mark (owner) was super kind and friendly, and told me not to worry because he would allow me to get on the next one. He shared with me the history of the boat and how it came to be, and also advised me on the restaurants in the area (which were tourist traps, etc.). He said, “the lower bar over there is opening soon, go relax, have a drink, and come back at around 4pm for boarding.” What a relief! My day went from crap to great.

The ride itself was fun. Though it is hard to take any pictures because you really are going fast. I enjoyed the snippets of history thrown in by Barbara (other owner and wife of Mark), and the music was “interesting.” Yes, they played Michael Jackson’s thriller.

I suggest that you plan to spend the day here. There are a lot of activities to do at the creek (e.g., paddle boarding, kayaking) and it looked like a lot of fun. Also the restaurants were packed, so they must be doing something right. Plus you can’t forget the view.

One other thing, on Fridays and Saturdays you can take a water taxi to Shem Creek (Mount Pleasant) from downtown Charleston for $6 one-way (day pass is $10), however to get picked up from Shem Creek you have to call them. Unfortunately the battery on my cell was dead so I could not call them. So I had to  suck it up and wait 1.5 hours for the BUS! Argh!

These are some images of what I saw while on the boat and while hanging out in Shem Creek.


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