Chacho’s Mexican Restaurant: An Average Experience (Midtown)

I love Mexican food, and I am still trying to find a restaurant in Toronto that meets my expectations. After reading several positive reviews on Yelp, I decided to give Chacho’s Mexican Restaurant in midtown a shot. When we go to the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon for lunch, the restaurant was deserted.  My friend ordered the Tortilla Soup ($6), and Fajitas ($15). I ordered Enchiladas ($14) and a Margarita ($10).

The Good:

  • Food was simple but tasty.
  • The Tortilla soup was delicious, and the flavors and textures were well-balanced.
  • They agreed to put no onions in my food, and they did this successfully.
  • The service was okay.

The Bad:

  • No value for money—my friend and I were still very hungry after our lunch and had to go somewhere else to eat. This is unusual because I don’t have a huge appetite.
  • Food was too expensive relative to the portions. Keep in mind that the prices for lunch are lower (e.g., after 3:30PM the enchilada would have cost me $16). This amount of food for several dollars more at dinner would have been a complete rip off.
  • Margarita was too small and did not have enough tequila.
  • You do not get the option between chicken, beef or vegetarian. For example, I could only get the enchilada with chicken. Maybe you can ask to substitute. I did not ask, and just went by the menu description.
  • Location of restaurant is smack in the middle of a residential area which is odd—that said, it sticks out among the condos and apartment buildings.
  • We were never offered water. I asked for water and our waitress never brought it to us. Water should always be offered.
  • We were given a dessert menu, but out of 4+ desserts, they only had 1 available.
  • Sad that you did not get nachos or something to munch on, on the house. I am used to Mexican restaurants that offer you something to snack on while you wait for your food.
  • Although dead, my friend and I had to get up and ask our waitress for several things, such as plates, hot sauce, sour cream, etc.


If I had to rate my experience out of 5, I would give it a 2.5/5. I do not intend to return.

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