Lunch @ Chantecler (Parkdale)

I fell in LOVE with the Sunday “lunch” at Chantecler. That’s right, it is not brunch, it’s lunch! And I feel horrible to be posting this NOW, when they have shut down their lunch until the weather warms up – or so I was told. In fact, if they don’t bring back their lunch, I will need grief counseling.

So why do I love it? 

  • The vibe – very shabby chic
  • Very bright space, and specially loved the addition of the flowers. So pretty! See the heart on the vase? All together now, “awwwww.”
  • With this Fish Wrap and I can actually justify eating 2 because it is a lettuce wrap! Crispy fish, tartar sauce with a kick, and fresh julienned vegetables? What’s not to like?
  • Fried steamed buns with condensed milk. Holy hell! Not just STEAMING buns, but you also get to dip them in CONDENSED milk! HELLO! Perfection!
  • And last but not least – THE AMAZING DONUTS! Those that read my blog know that I am OBSESSED with donuts! So much so, that my first stop when I travel is the “best” donut shop in that city! And let me tell you, Chantecler makes one of the best donuts in Toronto! Second to none!
  • Note that I attended this lunch with several friends, and they all loved the food. There were a few hiccups in service (friend told me that his order was forgotten and there were a few delays), but the matter was settled, and there was no love lost. My orders and service were spot on.


My friend and I have reservations for dinner at the end of the month, so I am going to try to go in with an open-mind and not cry over the absent donuts and missing fried buns. My blogger friends love the dinner menu at Chantecler, so I really am eager to try it.

Chantecler bosses, if you happen to stumble upon my little blog, PLEEEEEAAAAAAASEEEEEE bring back the LUNCH!



Stay tuned for the dinner review!

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2 thoughts on “Lunch @ Chantecler (Parkdale)

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