Dinner @ Pearl Diver – 100 Oysters for $100

I had visited Pearl Diver (Twitter: @PearlDiverTo) for a Yelp Elite event (review here) and I had really enjoyed the food and service. In particular I loved the grilled cheese and the oysters. At this event we learned that on Thursday nights they offer 100 oysters for $100. It sounded like such a great deal, specially because I knew the amazing quality of the oysters, that I got 20 friends together and made a reservation. After making the reservation I reviewed the menu more closely and realized that the grilled cheese was only available for lunch. I was so disappointed since I was eager to have it again. So I contacted the restaurant and asked if there was any way we could have the grilled cheese available for dinner, and guess what? They were game! I did not have to make a case for it either! All they asked was for me to contact them the night before to let them know the number of grilled cheese sandwiches we wanted. Amazing!

On the evening of the reservation I was so excited to learn that we were given the private room! I love this room! This room even allows you to choose your own music – lots of records to choose from. And yes, actual records! We also had two staff members all to ourselves. We were balling!

Initially I thought that we were only going to order one round of 100 oysters because several people were not fans – bad experiences in the past. But we had to order two in the end because they were such a hit! One friend had 30! WOW! She was in her own oyster heaven! The annoying part was keeping track of the number of oysters people were eating, but that had nothing to do with the restaurant – it came down to loving the food so much that I forgot to keep track of the food being consumed. :/

Check out the food! YUM!….

We had such a fantastic evening at Pearl Diver and we plan to do the 100 oysters for $100 deal again in early August. Next menu items on my list to try are the mussels, grilled fish, and those fries are a must! Everyone raved about them, and I loved them too!

Oh, and let me share with you some additional tidbits of information….


Monday to Friday from 3-6PM you can get a dozen oysters for $15 and there are $5 drink specials.


Everyday from 10PM to close you can get a dozen oysters for $15 and there are $5 drink specials.

They also offer daily specials!

Thank you Pearl Diver for being so accommodating and making this dinner one to remember! 

See you soon!


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