Sunday Lunch @ Wilbur Mexicana

A friend of mine had an amazing fish taco, and wanted to know what the other restaurants that had fish tacos on their menu were like. So we decided to do a taco tour. I chose our first stop to be Wilbur Mexicanaa restaurant I had heard a lot about for their affordable prices, large and open space, tasty tacos, and they also had corn on their menu – I love corn!

I checked out the Wilbur Mexicana website to learn more about their menu and hours and decided to ask my friends to meet me at the restaurant on a Sunday morning at 11:30AM –  exactly when they opened so we could guarantee seats for a large group.

Several of my friends and I go to the restaurant before they were scheduled to open, and since there was not much sitting outside, we were allowed in, which was really nice of them. Though when inside, some staff seemed annoyed that we had been allowed in a few minutes before they were scheduled to open, and that was unnecessary considering that we were sitting down in the corner not disturbing anyone or anything. It was only when were told we could order, that we got up and walked over to the cash register.

The process is:

  1. Placer order at cash register – menus available beside cash register and on board above register
  2. You are given a number/sign that you place on your table
  3. The food is dropped off to you at your table
  4. For water, sauces, etc., you have to get it yourself at the condiments bar (not sure what the official name would be). This part is actually quite fun because they really do have A LOT of sauces to choose from!

The Good

  • Reasonable prices – everything under $13
  • Though the tacos are on the smaller side, they all come with a side of homemade chips
  • The space is large, spacious, and with a lot of seating
  • The staff was friendly and efficient – minus the annoyed staff early on when we were allowed in before they officially opened
  • A lot of sauces to choose from which made it fun to play around with and test with our dishes
  • **Best thing on the menu? The Mexican Street Corn!! OMG!! Best corn next to the corn at La Carnita!

The Not-So-Good

  • The fish tacos we had were overcooked and bland which was sad since this was the main reason we chose to visit Wilbur Mexicana
  • No dessert options
  • Prices online are not the same as the prices at the restaurant! Update the menu online!


We really enjoyed our time and meal at Wilbur Mexicana, and although there were a few hiccups – fish tacos were not great and service at the beginning was spotty – by the end of our meal my friends were raving about the food, experience and already planning to return later that week. And I actually did return later that week, and the friend I brought with me then also had a good time.

**The prices I am putting next to the items in the pictures may be lower than they really are. I am going by the prices online and those prices are incorrect for some items, but can’t remember the prices at the restaurant to put the correct price. Sorry. 😦

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