Dessert Stop @ Butter Avenue (Queen West)

After lunch at Wilbur Mexicana (review here), my friends and I were craving something sweet (Wilbur Mexicana does not have dessert options), and after doing a quick search online, we learned that Butter Avenue was not far from the restaurant. So we walked over to the Queen location and were in awe of the pretty desserts the minute we walked in. The store seemed small and most of us did not want to take the desserts to go so we inquired about dining in. They told us that their dining room is in the basement. All the desserts looked very beautiful and appetizing but in the end I decided to go with a St. Honoré. Each dessert was just under $10 ($7.95 before tax). Quite pricey, but I guess a lot of what you are paying for is the look.

My friends and I made our way to the basement once we all got our desserts, and were happy with the dining room. It was dark, spacious and cozy. We were all very excited to dig in and I was immediately disappointed. I major pet peeve of mine is when people spend most of their time and energy making something look good and not enough time on flavour and quality. Though the middle tasted good, the pastry was tough, stale and bland. So I literally ate the centre and left the entire shell behind. My friends found their desserts to be good, but they admitted that there was nothing to rave about. Those that got macarons were impressed by them.

So, if you are in the mood with eating with your eyes, then I highly recommend Butter Avenue.

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4 thoughts on “Dessert Stop @ Butter Avenue (Queen West)

  1. I am so with you on taste > presentation. I mean it has to look good to an extent, but if you can’t make a great tasting dessert, just focus on what you ARE good at. We mostly find this with any sort of chocolate cake dessert at most restaurants. We absolutely love most things chocolate, but more times than not you end up with a dry crusty piece of cake with not great flavor that looks so pretty because they’ve dressed it up with fruit and whipped cream. A huge disappointment.

    • Exactly! Have you seen the show Cake Box? I hear their cakes are like cardboard because moist and soft cakes make decorating difficult, so in order to make the cakes look beautiful, they need to sacrifice taste and texture. Such a shame!

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