Richmond County Bank Ballpark – Watching the Staten Island Yankees

I had the opportunity of checking out the Staten Island Yankees play the State College Pikes with the Brooklyn Yelp Elites while visiting New York City this summer. My brother and I love watching baseball, so I was thrilled when I was able to get a ticket for him and his friend as well. The whole evening was a lot of fun! We took the free ferry to Staten Island and I loved the beautiful view we had of the Statute of Liberty. When we got to Staten Island, the walk to the stadium took under 5 minutes. Once we found the entrance, we showed our ID and got our tickets and were shown to our box. The whole process was quick and easy, and the service was fantastic. The food was not great, but it did not matter since the game was exciting, the entertainment in-between the innings was engaging and hilarious, and the team we were rooting for – The Staten Island Yankees – won!

I would definitely come back for several reasons: 1) I had so much fun and loved the whole experience; 2) I fell in love with Scooter.  I drove my brother nuts yelling in his ear every time Scooter came out, “LOOK! There he is! OMG, he is so cute! And so funny!!! Look look!!! Do you see him???”


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